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Bentley Continental GT

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Rent a Bentley GT Coupe in Dubai

The Bentley GT is a luxury grand tourer that is considered one of the top models from the iconic British car brand. It has been designed to offer a luxurious and powerful ride while also offering all the latest technology and amenities. The car is a 5 seater with 2 doors in a coupe body style that is ideal for small groups to enjoy a comfortable ride or enhanced agility on the Dubai roads.

The Bentley GT Coupe is available for rent in Dubai at Amex Cars. You can book your ride Now!


  • Car Type:Sedan
  • Fuel Type:Petrol
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Seats:5
  • Doors:4
  • Luggages:3
  • Alloy Wheels:Yes
  • GCC Specs:Yes
  • Sunroof:Yes
  • Stero MP3/CD:Yes
  • Air Bags:Yes
  • Power Windows:Yes
  • ABS:Yes
  • Navigation:Yes
  • Remote Door Lock:Yes
  • Power Mirrors:Yes
  • FM Radio:Yes
  • LCD Screen:Yes
  • USB:Yes
  • Bluetooth:Yes
  • Entertainment:Yes
  • Andriod Car Play:Yes
  • Apple Car Play:Yes
  • Engine Size:6.0

Other Details

  • Delivery Time:45 Mins
  • Delivery/Pickup Charge:Free
  • Excess Claim:5000
  • Monthly KM:3000
  • Weekly KM:800
  • Daily KM:200
  • Personal Insurance:No
  • Security Deposit:3000

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Payment Method

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Inside-out Design

The GT Coupe is a remarkable, modern car with aggressive, while still incorporating classic Bentley styling cues. 

On the outside, this grand tourer really shines with an impressive array of curves and bodylines making it stand out from more traditional sports cars. The long bonnet stretches out towards the rear creating an imposing profile whilst also allowing for plenty of storage space in the boot area. Meanwhile, at the front end, LED headlights add to its sophisticated image while providing excellent visibility in darker conditions. 

At the heart of this car’s interior design is a luxurious cabin filled with high-quality materials & craftsmanship, wood trim pieces, and chrome accents. From soft leather upholstery to intricate stitching, every detail has been carefully considered to create an inviting ambiance.  Additionally, passengers can enjoy cutting-edge technology features like Apple CarPlay integration, Bluetooth connectivity, adaptive cruise control, and more to make their drives even more enjoyable. 

Power & performance

Underneath the hood, drivers will find a powerful 6-litre W12 engine with an impressive 626 BPH max power, and 900 NM max torque. This engine gives the GT Coupe excellent performance capabilities with 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 207 mph when equipped with optional performance tires. The 8-speed automatic transmission also helps to ensure smooth driving dynamics no matter what type of road you are on. 

Safety features

The Bentley GT Coupe is a car that puts safety first. It is equipped with a range of advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alert. The car also has an automatic emergency braking system to detect imminent collisions and apply the brakes accordingly. Plus, it is fitted with airbags in both front and side curtain areas for added protection in the event of a crash.

In addition, for enhanced visibility, while driving at night, the car features powerful LED headlights providing bright illumination and improved visibility. Also, it comes with rain-sensing wipers which automatically activate when it detects moisture on the windshield, helping to ensure maximum visibility during wet weather conditions.