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Ferrari Laferrari

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AED 8000/ Day
AED 56000/ Week
AED 112000/ Month
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Rent a Ferrari Laferrari in Dubai

Ferrari Laferrari is a mid-engined sports car based on the Enzo Ferrari. It is the successor to the Ferrari Enzo and is the quickest road automobile ever made by Ferrari. The Laferrari is the fastest, most powerful car in the world and is made with technology that you would normally find in helicopters. 

AmexCars cordially welcomes you to hire a Ferrari LaFerrari in Dubai from us. The finest venture is waiting for you in your lavish Ferrari. Our rental adds the highest standards and fantastic service to each luxury automobile hire.


  • Car Type:Sedan
  • Fuel Type:Petrol
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Seats:2
  • Doors:2
  • Luggages:1
  • Alloy Wheels:Yes
  • GCC Specs:Yes
  • Sunroof:Yes
  • Stero MP3/CD:Yes
  • Air Bags:Yes
  • Power Windows:Yes
  • ABS:Yes
  • Navigation:Yes
  • Remote Door Lock:Yes
  • Power Mirrors:Yes
  • FM Radio:Yes
  • LCD Screen:Yes
  • USB:Yes
  • Bluetooth:Yes
  • Entertainment:Yes
  • Andriod Car Play:Yes
  • Apple Car Play:Yes
  • Engine Size:6.3

Other Details

  • Delivery Time:60 Mins
  • Delivery/Pickup Charge:Charged
  • Excess Claim:5000
  • Monthly KM:3000
  • Weekly KM:800
  • Daily KM:200
  • Personal Insurance:No
  • Security Deposit:5000

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Beauty inside out

The sleek lines and sharp angles are signature Ferrari design elements, and they come together perfectly on this car. The aerodynamic shape ensures that the Laferrari will glide effortlessly through the air, while the large wheels provide excellent grip and handling.

The handling and grip are excellent, thanks to the large wheels. While the premium leather seats and beautiful wood accents create a luxurious and comfortable inside environment. The seats are upholstered in soft, premium leather, and the dashboard is trimmed with beautiful wood accents. To give travelers a nice and comfortable environment every aspect of the vehicle has been carefully reviewed.

Naturally aspirated hybrid engine

The hybrid V12 naturally aspirated, 24-cylinder, 48-valve, gasoline engine is very powerful and provides excellent performance. It is capable of producing 789 hp and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. The seven-speed automatic transmission is also very good, and it helps the car to achieve its high top speed. It can reach speeds of 340 km/h. Moreover, the car's engine uses direct injection, and dual variable valve timing and includes an F1-style KERS hybrid system. As per the transmission is concerned; the vehicle has a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox combined with its engine. 

Ensure a smooth and safe ride

The Ferrari Laferrari has rich with every latest safety feature ensuring the protection of the passengers on the road. The airbags and seatbelts help to keep occupants safe in the event of an accident. While the electronic stability control systems keep the vehicle stable and prevent it from skidding or slipping in wet or icy conditions.